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Dragon Roots Submission Guidelines  download file

Dragon Roots Submission Guidelines, Advertising Rates & Review Policy  download file

Dragon Roots Magazine
  Dragon Roots is a quarterly fantasy magazine for roleplaying enthusiasts. Although its concentration is on the official D&D editions (3.5e and 4e), a good portion of its articles can be applied to other fantasy roleplaying games. Modeled after the Dungeon and Dragon magazines, its contents includes helpful articles to improve your game, regular columns to keep you informed and at least one full-length adventure module to assist the harried GM.

  As our logo states, Dragon Roots is written for gamers, by gamers. Your contributions are welcomed and even necessary. Those authors whose work generates the most interest from readers will be asked to contribute more often to the magazine. It is our hope to develop a regular suite of popular authors while at the same time to open the door for new and fresh authors to show what they can do. This philosophy applies to artists as well.

What We Want
  Although Dragon Roots has taken the step to support D&D 4e, we haven't jumped in with both feet. In fact, most of the articles we receive are still for 3.5e, which in fact seems to reflect what our readers want. Our policy will change to reflect our readers' wishes. So presently, both 4e and 3.5e with an occasional AD&D articles will be printed. If there is enough interest in other areas, they will be considered also.

  Many different types of articles will be readily accepted. These include critical hits and fumble charts or list articles such as "100 mundane treasures in a peasant's pocket". Monster Ecologies are popular so if you have a firm understanding of this type of work, this is your chance. One of the easiest and quickest ways to get in the magazine is to submit a Table Talk article. This would be a short one page article detailing the words spoken around the table on game day.

  Other types of articles include new magic items, new uses for skills, new spells or new monsters. Articles on how to have fun at the table or how to handle troublesome players would be welcome. An article titled "101 fun tricks to tease your DM" goes to the top of the submission pile.

  Sidebar information is also encouraged as it breaks the pages and divides the information. Accompanying graphics are always welcome. See Art Submission below for details.

  One shot, one encounter adventures are also welcome. This would include something you could use as a DM for when the PCs want to wonder off the map, a unique dungeon, a dangerous room or a challenging trap.

  Articles pertaining to the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Greyhawk, Planescape or any other copyrighted settings cannot be printed unless you have already obtained written permission from the publisher.

  Fantasy stories will be accepted but there needs to be something special about the characters or setting. Don't just detail your latest romp through a dungeon, make sure your story has a beginning and an end with a fascinating tale in between to keep the readers entertained.

  What will get you published is innovation, new ideas and twists on old favorites. We are not afraid to stretch the limits so don't hold back. We like to push the boundaries a little so don't be afraid to think outside the box. We want to intrigue our readers with mind-broadening articles that make them think twice about what they read.

Columns and Series
  A regular column or series of articles will be considered. Please submit a synopsis of what you have planned as well as the first article in the series. If your idea is accepted, a minimum of three articles will be required in advance to ensure that regularity is maintained.

Looking for Ideas?
  If you really want a good chance of having your voice heard, send us an inquiry along with a sample of your writing style and we will assign an article to you. It will be something we need and have a better chance of being published. You can send an e-mail of inquire to dragonroots@comcast.net

  Right now, we can't afford industry leaders and established freelancers to put pen to paper. In fact, we can't afford you either. No one gets a pay check at Dragon Roots until the magazine is stable. That's right, everyone who has written an article for the magazine so far has done it for love of the game and out of a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
  While we would be willing to offer a complimentary issue of the magazine for your efforts, until the magazine gets past a certain level of orders, we can't offer pay in any form. However, when the magazine does take off we will be more than happy to back pay all writers and artists for helping get the magazine off the ground.
  Don't let the lack of pay be a deterrent from offering your contributions. This is your chance to get in on something on the ground floor. You have a chance to be a part of something great.

Ownership Rights
  By submitting, you are allowing Dragon Roots the rights to freely use your work as we see fit. This means for use in our magazine and maybe a future ad, that's it. However, you retain all right to your own work and may sell it other places as you wish. You must, however, disclose that we have rights to print it in our magazine and/or ads.

Already Published Material
  Dragon Roots magazine does accept articles that have previously been published on websites or in other magazines, providing you still have rights to your work and you think it is still relevant. This information must be identified prominently and will be considered by the Dragon Roots editing staff. This applies to previously published artwork also.

Writer's Style Guidelines
  All written submissions must confirm to the Dragon Roots Style Guide. Please review your submission carefully because an article will be returned for corrections if it strays too far from the guidelines.
  Any article submitted to Dragon Roots is also subject to changes by our editing staff as to content or size so as to fit the page. Any major changes are always confirmed with the author. Please do not submit articles if you are unwilling to have your work edited!

Art Submissions
  We are always on the lookout for more quality artwork, for the cover or interior of the magazine. Look at artwork of some of the past issues to see what we are looking for. But we also like to be surprised so if you have something new or different, please send it to us.
  For covers or full-page features, the illustration must be able to visually interpret the story in such a waythat it accurately represents what's going on in the story, hooks the reader but doesn't give away the ending. You should understand how to illustrate an entire scene; one that not only has a character or characters, but also has a detailed background. It is important to understand anatomy, perspective, balance, and figure proportions.
  Many smaller illustrations are needed for articles and throughout the magazine. If you have a portfolio of work that can be drawn upon, please send us a sample for approval. All work is appreciated.
  Art can be done in any medium including pencil, pen and ink, airbrush, water-color, or completely done on the computer. The end result must be a computer file in any of the popular formats like, jpg, png or tff and sent through email.
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