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DR #0DR #1DR #2I am the missing cover art for Dragon Roots issue #3. Please pester Rocco until you see a cover pic!

Issue #3 FeaturesI am the missing cover art for Dragon Roots issue #3. Please pester Rocco until you see a cover pic!
  • Robillard's Tale Vol. 3 - C.E. Rocco
  • A Brave New World, part 2 - Paul Brazelton
    • campaign building help
  • Trouble With Gold - Mick Dixon
    • a history of money with adventure hooks
  • Servants of the Faith - Jason Alway
    • [4E] new divine powers for specific religions
  • Animal House - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] more races and paragons of the Middle World
  • Campaign Considerations of Mountainous Areas - Daniel Bishop
    • worldbuilding help
  • and more...

Issue #2 FeaturesDR #2
  • Review: Game Night (a book by Jonny Nexus)
  • Review: GURPs Mystery
  • Review: Doctor Wizard's Patented Elevation Indicator
  • The Necromancer - C.E. Rocco
    • [4E] new base class
  • Dragon Grumbles - Tim Kask
    • commentary on roleplaying past and present
  • Hall of Wonders: Tower of Gygax - Tim Kask
    • [AD&D] Gary Gygax tribute module
  • When Nobody Plays The Rogue - Ian Ferguson
    • [3.x/4E] options for rogue-less parties
  • Behind the Curtain - C.E. Rocco
    • [4E] interview with Richard Baker and Scott Rouse
  • Campaign Considerations: Coastal Regions - Daniel Bishop
    • worldbuilding help
  • A Brave New World, part 1 - Paul Brazelton
    • campaign building help
  • Robillard's Tale, volume 2 - C.E. Rocco

Issue #1 FeaturesDR #1
  • Review: Pirate Guides to Freeport
  • Review: Adventurer (card game)
  • Tomb Raider - C.E. Rocco
    • [3.x] new base class for those who love to explore
  • In Memory of... - Jeremy Jones
    • tribute to Gary Gygax
  • Resistance is Futile - Bil White
    • discussion of miniature use in roleplaying games
  • Races & Paragons from the Middle World - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] new paragon levels for humans
  • Faerie Encounters - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] new faeries to keep your PCs guessing
  • Table Talk - C.E. Rocco
    • [4E] play session of Keep on the Shadowfell
  • Robillard's Tale, volume 1 - C.E. Rocco (commentary by DM Paul Brazelton)
    • [3.x Grim 'n' Gritty] A Simple Life campaign story
  • The Last Minute GM - Bil White
    • [3.x] traps, treasure, tricks, and trouble to add to your campaign
  • Campaign Considerations: Tropical Adventures - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] worldbuilding help
  • What's Over There?: Temple of the Golden Ape - Daniel Bishop
    • [3.x] sidetrack adventure

Issue #0 FeaturesDR #0
  • What's Your Story - C.E. Rocco
    • [3.x] socially accepted backgrounds with flair for your campaign
  • Be Thee for Law or Chaos - Daniel Bishop
    • comprehensive guide to alignment
  • 4th Edition Queries - C.E. Rocco
    • [4E] reader questions answered by WotC
  • Working your way up to first level (revisited) - C.E. Rocco
    • [3.x] rules for creating 0 level characters
  • A Day at the Fair - C.E. Rocco
    • [3.x] adventure for characters level 0 and beyond

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